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Build insights and  growth throughout our programs

This practice is a dedicated and consistent journey towards inner growth. At its core, it involves deep introspection, self-awareness, and a change of script. One of the profound outcomes of such practices is the ability to create the life and the relationships you want from a place deeply rooted within you.


In this program, you will receive hands-on coaching and mentorship direct from Beatrice. This journey isn't suited for everyone. It demands an eagerness to master self-leadership, alongside bravery and self-discipline.

If you are ready - I am here to take you on a ride. 







Become the architect of change

Research has clearly shown that nothing affects our long-term health and well-being as much as the quality of our relationships. Yet, despite this, many of us find ourselves stuck in patterns that do not provide us with the love and nourishment we long for.

Being authentic and true to our inner selves is the foundation for healthy relationships, and it's not just a luxury – it's a necessity if we want to experience true love. There are no shortcuts if that's what we truly strive for.

The Shift is a program designed to help you make a relational change. At the core of this work, we focus on authentic self-leadership. It’s about an inner journey to be completely true to yourself. Allowing old patterns to become visible so they can be fundamentally changed. Creating clarity and deep roots in the person we truly want to be and consciously navigating from that place without compromising our truth.

This form of work is crucial for those striving for authentic and loving relationships. Relationships where desire, love, playfulness, reciprocity, and deep connection are the common cornerstones.

The Shift is a comprehensive 9-month program designed for deep, intensive personal exploration. This journey allows you to engage in profound self-discovery and development, emphasizing self-leadership as the key to transforming your relationships.

This program is structured around three clearly defined levels, each crafted to not only illuminate and strengthen your understanding of yourself and your interactions but also to reshape your approach to relationships. With concrete tools and guided support, The Shift is aimed at empowering you to lead from within and effectively navigate all aspects of your relational life.

By participating in The Shift, you commit to a transformative process that will help you forge deeper and more genuine connections, enhancing both your personal and professional relationships. This journey is an invitation to open up to new possibilities and to cultivate a life enriched by meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Available in Swedish and English
Location: Stockholm or Online
Duration: 9 months

Module 1: Clarity
Purpose: Gain clarity to illuminate your
journey towards personal and relational growth.

In this module, we guide you on a journey of self-discovery and introspection, where you begin by preparing yourself for your journey in self-leadership and setting clear goals for your future self. Together, we will map out the patterns from your past, which opens the way for profound change. Through reflective exercises and thorough exploration of your patterns and values, you will have the opportunity to understand how this affects your life, your relationships, and the decisions you make.


  • Define specific goals for how you want your relationships to evolve, and create a roadmap for your personal and relational growth.

  • Illuminate your journey by understanding the patterns of your past.

  • Identify and transform beliefs, behaviors, and thought patterns that impede your personal growth.

  • Investigate your fundamental values and redefine their influence on your relationships and decision-making processes.


Module 2: Rooted

Purpose: Cultivate disciplines to fortify your relational foundation and foster holistic well-being.

In this module, we delve into the vital significance of establishing inner rootedness as the bedrock of thriving relationships. Through a series of practices and exercises, you'll cultivate disciplines designed to nurture your mental, physical, and emotional health, while also gaining insights into identifying and fulfilling your own needs. This process lays down a resilient groundwork for nurturing authentic connections, fostering
deep intimacy, and facilitating personal growth.


  • Cultivate discipline practices for profound self-leadership.

  • Learn how to make room for deep intimacy in relationships.

  • Fortify your relationships with healthy limits and self-respect.

  • Gain insight into understanding and meeting your own needs.

Module 3: Navigation
Purpose: Develop essential skills to navigate relationships with emotional intelligence, effective communication, and active listening while meeting your own needs.

Our objective in this stage is to equip you with essential skills for navigating relationships with emotional intelligence, effective communication, and active listening, all while ensuring you prioritize meeting your own needs. Through a comprehensive exploration of emotional intelligence, communication strategies, and active listening techniques, you'll gain insights into understanding and regulating your emotions, expressing yourself authentically, and fostering deeper connections with others.



  • Emotional Intelligence: Enhance your emotional intelligence skills to better understand and manage your emotions and those of others.

  • Effective Communication: Learn and practice empathic and assertive communication techniques, to express yourself authentically and navigate conflicts constructively.

  • Meeting Your Needs: Recognize and address your own needs within relationships to maintain a healthy balance of giving and receiving.

  • Assertive Authenticity: Cultivate confidence to speak your truth and honor your boundaries.

Join The Shift and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Every step brings you closer to the truest version of yourself, the very foundation of every authentic and healthy relationship.


Love + Freedom = Happiness

In a relationship defined by profound love, partners become each other's cheerleaders, supporting personal aspirations and dreams. This dynamic fosters an environment where both parties flourish, relishing the expansive freedom that such love grants.

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