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Build insights and  growth throughout our programs
Your journey through love and connection isn't linear. It's a layered and cyclic experience, each with its unique challenges and rewards. By dividing our courses into three distinct levels, we aim to guide you through each essential phase of your journey:
  1. THE SHIFT - Become the architect of change.
  2. THE UNITY - Face the world as a unified team.
  3. THE QUEST - Answer your calling.
This structured approach ensures you gain a comprehensive understanding and experience, allowing you to build on your insights and growth from one level to the next.

This practice is a dedicated and consistent journey towards inner growth. At its core, it involves deep introspection, self-awareness, and change of script. One of the profound outcomes of such practices is the cultivation of deeper love and an expanded consciousness.


Over time, the dedicated practitioner can experience a shift from ego-centered perspectives to a more universal consciousness, from conditional love to a deeper, all-encompassing love. This transformative journey not only benefits the individual but also radiates outward, creating a more harmonious, compassionate, and interconnected world.







Become the architect of change.


In a world entrenched in cycles of dysfunction and generational patterns, it's time to become the one who breaks the cycle. As a transitional character within your family lineage, you are not just a beacon of hope but also a catalyst for profound change within a single generation.

Be the person that embodies resilience and determination, reshaping the trajectory of your family's legacy. The one that refuses to settle for the course that's been handed to you and instead rewrites the manuscript. Be the brave one who faces adversity head-on.

We believe in the transformative power of choice. Instead of being bound by the constraints of generational patterns, you have the opportunity to craft a new story for yourself and future generations. A story defined by healthy connections and lasting change.

By embracing your role as a transitional character, you become the architect of change, creating a stronger, more vibrant link in your family lineage.

At the core of transformative growth, particularly in the realm of relationships, is the journey of self-leadership. This inward quest to uncover our essence and resonate with our deepest truths is pivotal for forging authentic connections. The Shift is an invitation to embark on a profound journey that nurtures self-leadership at its heart. Through distinct levels, this program is designed to illuminate, empower, and transform your relational self, guiding you to lead from within in all aspects of your relationships. By embracing self-leadership, you open the door to deeper, more authentic connections and a more empowered version of yourself in both personal and professional spheres.

Available in Swedish and English
Location: Stockholm or Online
Duration: 6-9 months

Module 1: Clarity
Purpose: Gain clarity to illuminate your journey towards personal and relational growth.

In this module, we guide you on a journey of self-discovery and introspection, where you begin by preparing yourself for your journey in self-leadership and setting clear goals for your future self. Together, we will map out the patterns from your past, which opens the way for profound change. Through reflective exercises and thorough exploration of your patterns and values, you will have the opportunity to understand how this affects your life, your relationships, and the decisions you make.


  • Define specific goals for how you want your relationships to evolve, and create a roadmap for your personal and relational growth.

  • Illuminate your journey by understanding the patterns of your past.

  • Identify and transform beliefs, behaviors, and thought patterns that impede your personal growth.

  • Investigate your fundamental values and redefine their influence on your relationships and decision-making processes.


Module 2: Rooted

Purpose: Cultivate disciplines to fortify your relational foundation and foster holistic well-being.

In this module, we explore the fundamental importance of being rooted within oneself as the cornerstone of all healthy relationships. Through a variety of practices and exercises, you'll develop disciplines aimed at nurturing your mind, body, and soul, while also gaining insight into understanding and meeting your own needs. This process establishes a sturdy foundation for fostering meaningful connections, deep intimacy and personal development..


  • Cultivate discipline practices for profound self-leadership and reaching your gools 

  • Fortify your relationships with healthy limits and self-respect.


Module 3: Navigation
Purpose: Develop essential skills to navigate relationships with emotional intelligence, effective communication, and active listening while meeting your own needs.

Our goal in this level is to provide you with the fundamental skills necessary to navigate relationships with emotional intelligence, effective communication, and active listening, all while ensuring that you prioritize meeting your own needs. Through a thorough examination of emotional intelligence, communication strategies, and active listening techniques, you'll gain insight into understanding and regulating your emotions, expressing yourself authentically, and fostering deeper connections with others. Moreover, we'll underscore the significance of recognizing and addressing your own needs within relationships, fostering a healthy equilibrium between giving and receiving.



  • Emotional Intelligence: Enhance your emotional intelligence skills to better understand and manage your emotions and those of others.

  • Effective Communication: Learn and practice empathic and assertive communication techniques, to express yourself authentically and navigate conflicts constructively.

  • Meeting Your Needs: Recognize and address your own needs within relationships to maintain a healthy balance of giving and receiving.

  • Assertive Authenticity: Cultivate confidence to speak your truth and honor your boundaries.

Join The Shift and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Every step brings you closer to the truest version of yourself, the very foundation of every authentic and healthy relationship.


From Me to We




Bridge it



Face the world as a unified team


Embark on a transformative journey with The Unity, a program meticulously crafted for couples ready to explore the depths of their partnership. Whether you are building on the insights gained from "The Shift" or bringing equivalent experiences from your life, this program is a dedicated path to moving from "Me" to "We," embracing the complexities and beauty of unity within a relationship.

For Whom: The Unity is a transformative program meticulously crafted for couples who are ready to explore the depths of their partnership.

Prerequisite for Participation: Designed as a continuation of personal and relational growth, both partners are required to have completed "The Shift" program before embarking on this journey. This ensures that both individuals bring a foundational understanding and readiness for the deeper exploration and commitment to moving from "Me" to "We.


Available in Swedish and English
Location: Stockholm or Amsterdam
Duration: 4 modules over 9 months


Modulel 1: From Me to We

Purpose: Establish a foundational understanding of partnership.

Content: Transition your mindset from individuality to a collective identity, understanding and embracing the concept of being a team. This module focuses on defining and committing to a shared purpose, providing a robust foundation for your partnership. Learn to navigate your relationship with a united front, reinforcing the 'We' in every aspect of your life together.

Module 2: Patterns

Purpose: Identify and navigate the dynamics within your relationship.

Content: Building on an awareness of individual patterns, this module delves into how these patterns merge and manifest within your relationship. Uncover collective habits and behaviors, and through collaborative exercises, establish agreements to prevent these dynamics from unconsciously directing your relationship. Transform understanding into action, fostering a healthier, more conscious partnership.

Module 3: Bridge It

Purpose: Strengthen and deepen your connection.

Content: Forge a resilient bridge between your worlds, enhancing understanding, vulnerability, and mutual support. This module is designed to solidify your bond, encouraging open communication and shared experiences that foster a profound connection and growth within your partnership.

Module 4: Love

Purpose: Foster a nurturing and evolving bond of love.

Content: Focus on the acts of love that resonate most with your partner, cultivating a relationship where love is not just felt but actively practiced. This module encourages couples to integrate expressions of love into their daily lives, facilitating a shared experience of relaxation, expansion, and deepening affection.

The Unity is not just a program; it's a commitment to each other and a celebration of love's power to transform. Over the course of nine months, you will journey together through these modules, each designed to challenge, inspire, and deepen your bond. By embracing both the challenges and the magnificence of unity, you and your partner will emerge with a stronger, more resilient connection, ready to face the world as a unified team.









Answer Your Soul's Calling

THE QUEST beckons you to a week-long retreat that is not just a journey to self-discovery but a spiritual expedition to answer your soul's calling. Set in the serene landscapes of Mallorca or Italy, this retreat is a continuation for those who have begun their transformation through 'The Shift' and are now seeking a deeper spiritual fulfillment.

In the spiritual tradition, "THE QUEST" symbolizes an epic journey of the soul, often driven by the pursuit of deeper understanding, awakening, and the profound satisfaction of reaching one's divine calling. This retreat extends an invitation to transcend the everyday and venture into a profound exploration of your soul's deepest yearnings, dreams, and quests for meaning.

Prerequisite for Participation: Completion of The Shift.

Location: Mallorca or Italy
Duration: 1 week

The retreat is packed with:

  • Deep Passion Discovery: Venture into the depths of your soul to uncover the passions that ignite your spirit, providing clarity and direction for your life's journey.

  • Core Values Clarification: Strengthen and affirm your core values, the compass by which you'll navigate your future, ensuring every step is taken with conviction and authenticity.

  • Visionary Life Crafting: Sketch a life vision that resonates with your true self, offering a blueprint for a fulfilling and intentional life.

  • Intentional Daily Living: Learn to infuse each day with purpose, aligning your daily actions with the broader vision of your life's path.

  • Strategic Decision-Making: Develop a decision-making framework that supports your journey toward fulfillment, enabling you to make choices with confidence and clarity.

  • Resilience in Adversity: Build resilience to overcome the inevitable challenges that arise, viewing each obstacle as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement.

  • Purposeful Action: Translate your inner discoveries into external actions, creating a plan to manifest your purpose in tangible and impactful ways.

  • Community Engagement: Connect with others in a meaningful way, finding synergy between your personal mission and community involvement, enhancing your sense of purpose and collective well-being.

Facilitated by experts in personal development, this retreat offers a blend of workshops, reflective practices, and community-building activities. The serene Mediterranean setting provides the perfect backdrop for inspiration and transformation.

Embrace "THE QUEST" and step confidently into the life you were meant to live. With newfound clarity and a concrete plan, you will leave this retreat ready to actualize the full expression of your life's purpose.

Love + Freedom = Happiness

In a relationship defined by profound love, partners become each other's cheerleaders, supporting personal aspirations and dreams. This dynamic fosters an environment where both parties flourish, relishing the expansive freedom that such love grants.

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