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Hi, I'm Beatrice

Over the past fifteen years, my journey has been one of profound self-leadership. Along this path, I committed myself to deeply understand and transform my own relationships, moving from codependency and insecure attachment to fostering healthy, thriving connections.

At the heart of my approach is the belief that relationships, in all their forms, are avenues for personal growth and self-awareness. This perspective values mindful, patient, and authentic interactions, fostering connections that bring us closer to others and help us discover our true selves. In this context, love extends beyond romantic relationships to include embracing self-love, a universal connection, and a profound appreciation for life's intricate dance.

As a author, speaker and coach, I am passionate about sharing the insights and tools that have been instrumental in my transformation. I guide individuals through the intricacies of navigating both personal and professional relationships, reflecting a journey towards inner alignment and fulfillment. My diverse experiences and knowledge across various disciplines underpin my commitment to empowering others on their path.

I firmly believe that with the right guidance and self-leadership, anyone can transform their relational experiences into a journey of growth and discovery. By exploring and understanding your relational patterns and dynamics, you lay the foundation for a richer life. Growing in self-awareness and relationship skills, every aspect of your life — from personal connections to emotional health and life purpose — will flourish.

Join me on this transformative journey. With my experience and insights, I am confident we can elevate your approach to relationships, enriching every facet of your life through this journey.



"Bea is the coach I've always needed. My whole life, I've been looking for love in all the wrong places. Now I know where it is."

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