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Learn The Game -Change The Future

The Shift
A One-on-One Program with Hands-On Guidance

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Program Overview:

The Shift is a one-on-one program guided by hands-on coaching from Beatrice Karinsdotter. This well-established program is designed for individuals who are ready to make clear, lasting changes in their lives.

Key Details:

  • Cost: The program fee is 32,000 SEK, (VAT will be added for corporate clients).

  • When: Coaching sessions are 55 minutes long and occur every 3:d week.

  • Where: Sessions take place via Zoom or in-person in Stockholm.

  • How: The program involves individual sessions, practical homework assignments, and exercises.

  • Application Process: You may apply for a spot in The Shift, as only a limited number of participants are accepted each year. Upon receiving your application, Beatrice will review it and contact you for a conversation to ensure that you are ready to commit to this transformative journey.

  • Language Options: The program is available in both Swedish and English.

How It Works:

The Shift provides a structured approach to creating meaningful changes with lasting results. Each coaching session lasts 55 minutes, and you'll have a total of 8 sessions spread over a six to nine months period.

Throughout the program, you'll receive theory and homework assignments to complete between sessions. Additionally, you'll have access to Beatrice via email, allowing you to discuss thoughts, challenges, and experiences as you progress through your transformational journey.

If you're committed to making a significant shift in your life and are ready to invest in your personal growth, The Shift is here to guide you every step of the way.

Please Note: Undertaking The Shift will take time and require planning, discipline, and motivation.

If you have any questions about the program or would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

Apply now to secure your spot in this transformative program.

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