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Looking for a speaker for your upcoming event? A professional presenter who can naturally spark engagement, inspire your audience, and leave them with insights and motivation? Then Bea is your ideal choice. With humor, warmth, and self-experienced insights, coupled with content that is both entertaining and transformative, Bea will be a valuable addition to your event.

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Success begins with "We":
Recent research has consistently highlighted a vital truth: the quality of our relationships is a key determinant of our long-term health and happiness. Whether with family, friends, partners, or colleagues, these relationships significantly impact our psychological and physical well-being.

Embracing self-leadership in relationships is not a one-time effort but a continuous process of self-reflection and personal growth. This concept is universal, applying equally to private and professional spheres. In this presentation, we delve into practical strategies and insights that can help individuals enhance their relational dynamics, ultimately leading to improved well-being and success in all aspects of life.
A New Freedom:
Breaking free from Codependency 
In this  lecture, we explore the multifaceted nature of codependency, a complex and often subtle issue that manifests in various relationships, profoundly impacting psychological well-being. Drawing from my personal experience of being in and breaking free from a sect, coupled with years of recovery, I offer a unique lens through which to view the intricacies of codependency. 

This exploration will not only highlight the common patterns and behaviors associated with codependency but also emphasize the critical role of self-awareness, and the transformative process of emerging from it.
Roles or Relationships:
Navigating the Drama Triangle for stronger bonds
In this engaging and insightful lecture, we delve into the fascinating world of the Drama Triangle and its profound impact on our relationships, both personal and professional. The Drama Triangle, a psychological model comprising the roles of Victim, Rescuer, and Persecutor, offers a unique lens through which to view the dynamics of our interactions.

We will explore how these roles manifest in everyday life, their effects on communication and connection, and the ways in which we can unconsciously slip into these patterns. Filled with humor and eye-opening revelations, the lecture aims to provide attendees with practical tools to recognize and step out of the Drama Triangle, fostering healthier and more empowering relationships.

You can choose from these topics or let us know your preferences. Whether it's delving into relationship dynamics, overcoming codependency, or improving communication skills, Bea's presentations are tailored to meet your specific needs and interests. Let us know what resonates with you, and we'll customize a transformative experience for your event.

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